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Mary Magdalene, St John and St Peter at the Tomb

Jodocus van Winghe

(1542 - 1603) | 975.4.497

Date : Around 1591 | Medium : Pen and brown ink drawing, traces of black chalk with grey wash, heightened with white and brown gouache; bistre prepared paper, laid down, indented for transfer

Few works by Jodocus van Winghe remain except for some rare paintings, twenty or so drawings and about forty engravings. This wonderful sketch was used by Raphael Sadeler in 1591 to prepare an engraving plate. The artist had spent a number of years in Italy from a young age, four of them in Rome. The consummate sophistication of the drawing shows, many years after his return from Italy, the enduring influence of certain Emilian works by Parmigianino and, even more so, by Mazzola-Bedoli.

Jodocus van Winghe was employed for some years at the court of Alexander Farnese in Brussels, before settling in Frankfurt, where he was forced to go into exile in 1584 on account of his religious beliefs.