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Susanna and the Elders

François de Troy

(1645 - 1730) | 891.3

Date : 1727 | Medium : Oil on canvas

Donated by Jules Maciet

In this picture, painted for a private collection, the biblical theme of Susanna at her toilet being surprised by two elders is given an enjoyable twist. Far from reacting to the grip of the old man who puts his hand on her, Susanna allows herself to be seen and gazes at her reflection in the water. The lascivious pose of the river goddess and the jostling of the two lovers beneath the stone vase also create a sense of ambiguity. Jean-François de Troy was swept along by the wind of freedom that led on to libertinism in the wake of the Regency period. His composition and palette are reminiscent of Veronese, while his heavy fabrics and the quality of the white tones bring Guerchin to mind.