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Jacques de Bellange

(1575 - 1616) | 975.4.556

Date : Circa 1610 | Medium : Quill and brown wash drawing

This drawing has sometimes been compared to projects that Bellange designed for the celebrations and ballets of the court of Lorraine.

However, as Jacques Thuillier has correctly noted, the old-fashioned costume illustrated shows a restraint quite far removed from the theatrical extravagance that was prevalent in this type of project. Moreover, this representation is in keeping with authentic historic models. Bellange accentuates other aspects of the image, and in particular the representation of the horse, which is one of the most accomplished of any of the works drawn by the artist.

This page, which has been cut on all four sides, seems rather to be a preparation for a large composition on a historic theme, or a decoration comparable to the one he painted for Charles III, Duke of Lorraine, which featured ten Roman emperors who figured in his work Histoire ecclésiastique et civile de la Lorraine.