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Paul Alexandre, in profile, with pipe in hand

Amedeo Modigliani

(1884 - 1920) | 2001.2.34

Date : 1909 | Medium : Drawing in black crayon

Modigliani painted five portraits of Paul Alexandre between 1909 and 1913. Throughout this period, Alexandre was one of his closest friends, his principal confidant and his only supporter.

This work is one of the thirty-seven drawings by the artist that were donated to the museum by the model's son, Blaise Alexandre, in 2001. These were added to two portraits donated in 1988 by Blaise and his brother Philippe, of their grandfather Jean-Baptiste Alexandre (1909) and of their father (1913). These contributions, supplemented by fourteen other works from the same source, make Rouen a major reference for the study of the artist during the first part of his Parisian career. The collection includes all the themes and techniques, and the full range of graphic experiments that feature in his works.